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Pedagogical Resources

There are a few resources that I tend to cite regularly during teaching, even though I can not put all of them in the course pack. Below is a tentative list for those that are interested in further readings.


You might also be interested in a videos selected for teaching purposes: 

Reading to keep up-to-date

Some people ask me what and how I read. Well, my trick has been to use a RSS news reader, which allow to gather newsfeeds from various sources, often freely eventhough the site has a paywall. 
  • As RSS reader, I use gReader on Android. 
  • Here is my OPML file (ask your favorite hacker to understand how to use that with the RSS reader). 
  • Here is an extract of my read list:
Lifehacking: Lifehacker, Breaking Muscle, NYT > Fitness & Nutrition, Mark Bittman
Science: NYT > Science, Scientific American - Mind & Brain, JSTOR Daily
Techno & Entrep: WSJ Digital, NYT > Technology, Technology : The Atlantic, New on MIT Technology Review, CNET News, Digital Inspiration Technology Blog, Ars Technica, TechCrunch, Wired Campus
Education: ProfHacker, NYT > Education, The Chronicle of Higher Education | Technology, Faculty

Reference Books

Cialdini, R. B. (1993). 
Ferrazzi, K. and T. Raz (2005). Never eat alone and other secrets to success 
Social network: Nearly tacky, but some successful people go to that length in instrumentalizing their life, so better learn about it]
Gladwell, M. (2000). 
Gladwell, M. (2005).    
    La force de l'intuition
Gladwell, M. (2008). 
    Outliers: the story of success. New York, Little, Brown: 309 p.
Lanzmann, C. (2002). L'Année des millions. 
Entrepreneurship: In French. A short "fiction" that is interestingly informative about the bubble and investor-entrepreneurs relationship

iPropi BPlan Example

For those having to study the iPropi business plan, you can find a copy of the website at 

 The Flash presentation may not work on the internet archive, so here is a functionning copy (but Flash need to be activated on your machine/browser):

Other great web resources (Entrepreneurship)

Steve Blank lots of good pointers and also primary content. Check it out.
Vlerick's toolpack  great step by step, interestingly covering both traditional planning steps as well as more modern ones (effectuation, etc.)
Stanford Entrepreneurship eCorner 
Term Sheet Examples (very short), or (a bit longer)

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