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Bazerman and Tenbrunsel on cognitive aspects of ethics: How we get blinded to our ethical lapses-and those of others.



Unethical behavior may come from an accumulation of small cognitive breaches. NYT on The Psychology of Cheating -



US town with highest % of population in poverty yet poverty seems invisible. A puzzling ode to social arrangements ?



Can You Train Business School Students To Be Ethical? ever pressing question, with clear cognitive (vs. moral) angle



Unveiling the Real Evil Genius : creativity as one more cognitive angle to issues of ethics (interview of D. Ariely)



A revisit on the fine-line between being righteous ... or not: When 'Savior of Jews' is Deeply Flawed



Evil might be more scientifically defined as absence of empathy + negative environment factors + bit of genetics



Ethics more and more framed through a cognitive lens: Psychology Of Fraud: Why Good People Do Bad Things  @nprnews








Again testing the bounds of rationality and emotional structures: What we can learn from procrastination : The New Yorker



For lifhackers and those interested in psychology of decision making: How to Improve Your Financial Willpower



The tough balancing of rationality and human factor is taking the limelight: NYT: The X Factor of Economics, People



I keep citing this wonderful NYer piece about "construction" of pain: Scratching an itch through the scalp to the brain





Skills / Intelligence / IQ



Early or late, creativity seems to appear in different types. I can hence maintain hope ;-) What Kind of Genius Are You



IQ scores getting higher over time, revisited: Are Smart People Getting Smarter? Wired



Read "Why Do Some People Learn Faster?" and pounder last paragraph on telling kids about their intelligence!



Thoughtful reflection on “The Social Network" : who wins in our information economy and hypercompetitive meritocracy



Could intelligence be less genetically determined than stupidity? If Smart Is the Norm, Stupidity Gets More Interesting








For the visually oriented crowd! (aka E. Tufte fans): David McCandless on The beauty of data visualization (



Happy New Year to all! Let's start with a laugh about Powerpoint prez, the main overlap b/t academia and real life ;-)



I love visualizations! (huge fan of E. Tufte). Those into entrepreneurship will enjoy "Startup Life, Visualized"



Powerpoint vs. thinking: it's evil for business ( and evil for military too !(



Visualization and "big screens" suspected to increase productivity. Now, a funky applicaton in Virtual Grocery Shopping



I mention Tufte often, sometimes offer his books. More details on the father of visualization craze





Personal Administration



Email behavior is a good "signal" of the nature of social relationships: check Why You Didn't Hit 'Reply'



Suster suggests "You Should Ban Laptops at Board Meetings". Make it most meetings! And classes too, obviously! ;-)



Time pressures and admin. issues not popular subjects in academia yet consider: Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule







Education of entrepreneurs



Beautiful piece about childhood, mixing scientific perspectives (in particular nature vs. nurture)



Curious about leadership, flamboyant characters or academia? Great story on no-confidence vote about college president



I did not know K. Robinson nor Cognitive Media anim. They provide deep food for thoughts on educational system



Nasty response by Wadwah to Thiel's proposition to orient future entrepreneurs "out of school ... as soon as possible!"



Ouch, that hurts! NYT and CHE aim at business education "The Default Major: Skating Through B-School"



Mostly does not apply to top school like mine ;-) but still ... The Default Major: Skating Through B-School:





Empowerment & Pygmalion & Education



Interesting (Bourdieusian) claim  that high level of math could easily be taugh to the large majority of students!



Parents may overestimate their influence on their kids: psy. angle by Gladwell or through genetics



Pedagogy and organizational science often share similar paradigms: "Let Kids Rule the School" revisits empowerment





Motivation in Education



A growing idea: careless education can have indeed unintended consequences: Every Child Is A Scientist @Wired



I stayed at St. John’s when at Santa Fe Institute and was impressed: College Puts Emphasis on What Teachers Don’t Know



Brooks offers very sweet advice on the long term and grounded effort require to channel people into change



S. Jobs most cited as a "model" during examination interviews last year: candidates, before next interview, read this



Education might be radically redesigned in long term future. See The educational value of creative disobedience @SciAm



Education "motivation" revolution in a large scale experiment: From Finland, an Intriguing School-Reform Model:



Education's "motivation" revolution not even started with this Chinese man: And You Thought The Tiger Mother Was Tough





New Business Models of Education



Higher Education’s Toughest Tests: challenges to its value + major changes in business models due to internet



Idea: KahnAcademy: great guy, great idea, great use of techno, great problem to solve. What else?



Here is a mechanism how internet will impact academia (how we'll go the way of music&press): Jailbreaking the Degree










Experience vs. Innocence Entrepreneurship: In Backing Clean Energy Start-Ups, Fund Looks for Longer Résumés



Wadhwa is blunt (but probably mostly right): When It Comes To Founding Successful Startups, Old Guys Rule





Idea: Crowdsourcing



Captchas are really exemplar of innovation coming from usage of technology: Prove You're Human. Type Our Slogan



Crowd-sourcing could really be the next big thing.  Gamification time: What if everything were just a game?



Crowdsourcing is a fascinating trend: R. Stross giving examples of rapid completion of repetitive work



Crowd-sourcing is a movement to be aware of. Interesting developments have been happening "in the real world"



Crowdsourcing, a most promising yet discreet wave, finally taking off? See nice Bentham example



reCaptcha was one of the best ideas of recent history, ending up bought out by Google last year



More crowdsourcing of scientists: Index And Khosla Lead $11M Round In Kaggle, A Platform For Data Modeling Competitions





Idea: New Business Model in Press



Another amazing threat to traditional press: Taiwan Tabloid Sensation Next Media Re-Creates the News



As if traditional press needed more cause to worry ;-) NYT: When the Software Is the Sportswriter



Difficulty to access articles?(eg NYT) It'll get worse with coming various upcoming paywalls. Learn about the loopholes:



Forget about 'pyramid of information' now say that "the internet has 'Hamsterized' journalism" Hilarious, sad and true



Has Forbes finally uncovered the missing link in the search for a new business model for newspapers? Nice plan indeed!



NYT analysis of economics of journalism, a must read to remember how tricky it is to find a valid "business model"



On the path to "hamsterification", media are entering the "Age of the Algorithm". Fascinating and/or scary?



Press is the canonical example of changing business models: Columbia U. chips in a very comprehensive analysis



Self-publishing much debated so read story of how Amanda H. reached peak rankings on the Kindle e-book best-seller list





Idea: Outsourcing



IT as most formidable challenge and opportunity for tomorrow's workplace: Many in Japan Are Outsourcing Themselves



Labour outsourcing opportunities/risks?:  Samasource Helps The World and CloudCrowd outsources it



On legal issues, the challenge for entrepreneurs is ... to find a good lawyer/acct and then manage the relationship



Productivity Gains (IT in particular) and Globalization concur to create The Age of the Superfluous Worker.





Idea: print 3D



Idea: 3D printing going mainstream, extending range of applications: Shapeways Offers 3-D Printing with Ceramics



The next Napster? Copyright questions as 3D printing comes of age via @arstechnica



As an engineer turned entrepreneurship prof, I can only be fascinated by A Hardware Renaissance in Silicon Valley





New Models / CustSourcing



A fascinating idea to recognize that a big chunk of Innovation is done by consumers, and that's before IT kicks in



A perennial idea: Why User-Customized Products Are the Future of Business (For Real This Time) (ReadWriteWeb)



NYT reports on a classic of students' business plan proposal (custom clothing) being executed nicely:



Turning Customers Into Creators: PlumWillow enlist 15- and 16-year-old interns/customers to ensure authenticity





VC, returns



Solid numbers of VC investments' returns are more difficult to nail than proof of existence of the Loch Ness



Stock market pressures often criticized ex-post. Thoughtfully, TC worries ex-ante on loss of value if Facebook IPOes



Such shareholders clashes are rarely publicly documented: How Yahoo Destroyed Yelp’s Google Acquisition via @techcrunch



Silicon Valley fairer towards employees than can be perceived from the outside: A Clash Between VC and Private Equity



Have an old suspicion towards VCs' profitability? The venerable Kaufman Foundation computed it all! How VC is Broken



Always more fluidity / crowdsourcing in funding: AngelList Takes A Shot At Standardizing The Startup Pitch Deck



Perversion, Silicon Valley style? ;-) Start-Ups Keep Revenue at Zero to Cash In on Acquisition



Understanding of financing mechanisms on the way to become business common knowledge: VC Transparency Is The New Black



Silicon Valley norms about wealth distribution are fascinating: “If You Want Liquidity… Make It Available To Everyone”



For High Tech Companies, Going Public Sucks... Observe for yourself whether Facebook's will "deliver" ;-)





Virality Rules



No funds, no firm, no staff, just virality! Chatroulette demonstrates again what is true entrepreneurial emergence





Ent. Team



Entrepreneurship as marriage: Prenups are becoming more and more standardized, so better know about "usual terms" ;-)



Stop Looking For A Technical Co-founder: a few good suggestions to address this crucial issue



Is There A Peak Age for Entrepreneurship?: like for creativity, the effect of age is subtle and young does not rule!



HR management, for great performance, revisited! Pret A Manger, With New Fast-Food Ideas, Gains a Foothold in U.S.:









Brooks ambivalence on the individualistics fetishism of those who should know better about business: Party of Strivers



Kristof on whether wealth creation (ie entrepreneurship) is such an individual act: The Secret Weapon: All of Us



Innovation from individual or collective action? The debate rages again: So, Who Really Did Invent The Internet?



Medelin revival a lesson in structural measures to get a community back to work: Half a Miracle (Fukuyama in FP)



Fukuyama explores human social structures throughout history. Beware: sociobiology arguments should not be overplayed





Hardware matters



Make trend pushes entrepreneurs toward physical objects but beware of upfront costs (Kickstarter can help though)



Hardware matters: in Silicon valley, attend Maker Faire, otherwise explore Arduino opportunities



Idea: Printing Objects Is A Snap With MakerBots (Video)



More amazement at visualization and upcoming 3D printing: Photofly Brings 3-D Models to the Masses





Idea: Community Cooking



Can a city come back with the help of markets, gardens and farms? Detroit at the edge of urban renewal thinking



I've got a sweet tooth for anything that leverage IT to develop social+cooking. So I love the idea of SUPERMARMITE!



Nostalgia for my time in Potrero/Mission district in SF in the 80s' refreshed by invention of the "Startup-Coffee Shop"



Sweet idea of "A Kitchen-for-Rent". I wonder if Paris has anything equivalent yet





Idea: various



Mobile computing is only beginning: Just Four Dudes Jamming On The Subway -- With Their iPhones As Instruments [Video]



Sustainable, local, natural, will all of those transform into entrep. opport.? Sheep Lawn Mowers, and Other Go-Getters



Consulting always a good way to generate revenues: In Customer Service Consulting, Disney’s Small World Is Growing










SFI is still in my heart/head: intellectually and esthetically magnificent. NYT reports typical research, on cities:









Love, promiscuity, sugar binging, etc.: Social Science can be "fun" -



Neuroscience fascinates but count me in the "neuro doubters" still: Neuroscience: Under Attack





Science is challenged



Could academia be like bicycle racing? Noted Dutch Psychologist, Stapel, Accused of Research Fraud





Science is fun



A must read for a good laugh at science : A Whale of a Time at the Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony



Rarely a good laugh about human stupidity is that warranted: if you've never heard about it, check the "Darwin Awards"








Artificial Intelligence



A.I. lurking everywhere: CMU crowd-sources article writing. Amazing to succeed complex task such as synthesis!



AI technology moving into mainstream through computer understanding of human speech



Always getting closer to passing Turing test ( Algorithm spots sarcasm:



Artificial Intelligence rules our life: soon, computers “interpretative smart” to feed Wall Street instability? ;-(



So many opportunities and threats simultaneously: computers will soon replace us for many of our inllectual activities



Since meeting him, Lipson and his "smart" robots have been my favorite diner party "fascinating" story #TED









Most serious technology/market battle currently and for years to come: LOCATION. A good and dense review:





Massive Computation



Data accumulation and processing power makes anonymity a fuzzy concept. WSJ on "The Really Smart Phone"



For those interested in social ENT or even just to make sound market analysis: beware, Tech Innovation Favors the Rich



Idea: analyzing massive amount of data will soon be natural to everyone. Thkx to Hadoop, it's already free to all



Rejoice data crunchers (acad, consulting, ibank etc): Freebase Gridworks is to Excel what Excel was to calculator



With tools like FluidDB, soon teenagers will have the power to build up Echelon in their bedroom. Good or bad news?



Initially puzzled, now wondering whether this could be their next big pivot: Active in Cloud, Amazon Reshapes Computing



Big Data's Big Problem: Little Talent: big data is hottest opportunity nowadays, for startup and now for employment









Another area where mobile computing will shine: Android Apps To Help The Blind Navigate Around Town



Electronics that consume so little energy that it can be drawn from ambient radio waves: soon everywhere?



Silicon Valley Says Step Away From the Device: can this illustrate why I shun all machines from my classroom?



Google Glass looks like a good idea but dangers abound: How Augmented Reality Vision Will Screw Up Your Love Life





new mediums (extra normal)



Illarious "Stupid Questions VCs Ask" & entrepreneur answers (and notice xtranormal techno to build animation movies)








Bus Plan




@TechCrunch "Ditch the Biz Plan, Buy a Lottery Ticket", a reminder : most startup never raise money!



A Googler’s Hot-Mic Sound-Off On G+ is a bit technical, but perfect illustration of platform vs. product debate



Could “Action better than planning” apply to academia as much as to entrepreneurship? The Cure for Thinking is Work



Education based on "rules first, application later". Yet, research shows strength of "repeated exposure to patterns"



Even billionaires have no idea where they were heading ;-) 2005 interview of Zuckerberg shows his thought process then



Randy Komisar, Silicon Valley Guru, explains why B-plans are not meant to be followed (@Stanford videos +++):





Failure in ENT



“Better by Mistake: the Unexpected Benefits of Being Wrong” explores the limits of perfectionism (NYT review)



Failure probably essential to entrepreneurial growth. There's even a conference about it! "How to fail gracefully"





Lean Startup



Lean & market validation are the mantra nowadays: Kickstarted, how one company is revolutionizing product development



A good discussion about one (of many) good reasons *not* to raise VC money: TC on "Crappy Little Services Business"



Inc. opened the great buzz about Effectuation "How Great Entrepreneurs Think". Nice perspective and contrast to bplan



Lean Start-Ups is a movement to bring just-in-time spirit to entrepreneurship. Nice NYT introduction



My class guests often stress “making” as a key focus: so Want Kids to Win the Future? Turn Them Into Makers



NYT on "lean startups": how testing startup ideas has become incredibly cheap



One more ode to bootstrapping by Waddah@TechCrunch.



Pivot is *the* buzzword in entrepreneurship nowadays! For Some Internet Start-Ups, a Failure Is Just the Beginning:



Some still debate it (, but being lean and bootstrapping your startup will remain the golden rule



Techcrunch meets LeanStartup: "Don’t Bet Big. Little Bets Are The Ones That Turn Into Billion-Dollar Ideas"



Technology vs. Traction: amazingly compact summary about how to approach (tech) entrepreneurship (financing)



Lean vs. Intrapreneurship: Here's How Spotify Scales Up And Stays Agile: It Runs ‘Squads’ Like Lean Startups



New entrepreneurial approach is leaking out of IT industry: Lean Start-Ups Reach Beyond Silicon Valley’s Turf:





Predicting success in ENT?



Bessemer antiporfolio: an hilarious, informative and courageous piece of self reflection about business performance



Blinded by possibility of "the End of History" (hello Fukuyama)? FB, google & iPhone uber dominance ... not so quick!





Resource Curse



Natural resources (e.g. oil) often a *curse* to democracy: Tunisia's transition style not likely in more "oily" contexts





Rapid Prototype



Maker movement is all the rage. So, you want to know how to "make" a hit? A rare account into The Song Machine



Explosion of fast prototyping tools feeds lean venturing wave: get mesmerized by Whittling With Lasers (video!)



Old mail order trick is going mainstream: The A/B Test: Inside the Technology That's Changing the Rules of Business











Beauty has been a staple of OB studies. Now, it interacts with gender: How Your Looks Can Affect a Job Search -








Upper-class arrogance is distasteful for sure. It also seems to produce cognitive limitations, so beware ;-/








Scientists, like magicians, love make things disappear: Put "Character" Under the Microscope--and it Vanishes!



What makes an animal an individual? (animal studies trigger less doctrinal rejections, so enjoy the discussion):



The Rediscovery of Character: David Brooks is again (not so closeted) NYT conservative but there's something to it



Baumeister has produced a complete book about Willpower (and yes, it can be depleted so use sparingly ;-)



We may have a finite store of mental energy for exerting self-control, so save it! Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?





Deliberative Practice



Foer’s experiments about memory wizardry provide interesting view on brain functioning. Might even be useful ;-)








The possibility that "Depression Help Us Think Better" shed lights on many OB/cognitive/evolutionist perspective



Wonderful in depth NewYorker piece on mental sickness: sending all parties back to back





Extreme profiles



S. Jobs should make management scholars ambivalent since he was "extreme" in many aspects. Check the facts @nyt



Steve Jobs illustrate that extremes traits often go together. TheAtlantic politely hints at it "In Praise of Bad Steve"









How gender, entrepreneurship and technology mix up? Hem, not so well yet :-(



No comment' on the thesis of "The End of Men" But the design leveraging reproductive choice is brilliant ;-)



Marriage Suits Educated Women: title says it all (beware! sex is mentioned ;-)



Masculinity, Emotional Intelligence and Age could go together, really? ;-) The Heart Grows Smarter



Could the math gap explained solely by environment? Gender Gap Vanishes in Female-Empowered Cultures



Let's hear some men on "Boys' problem" ;-) Brooks/NYT for a shorty or an Atlantic longer piece








A US govt. program tries to spot--and ingratiate--future foreign leaders early in their career. It seems to work ;-)



Microsoft’s Lost Decade: how mismanagement comes from best intentions and apparently relevant "management techniques"



Fascinating account of the complex construction of an outstanding leader: Young Barack Obama in Love





Leadership about psychology



Brooks/NYT follows Damasio on dangers of seeing humans as animals of reason. Huge policy/philosophical implications



If Google says so (better than boring OB prof? ;-) ... manager’s technical skills far less valued than people skills



Title says it all: My Life As A CEO (And VC): Chief Psychologist via @techcrunch





Money in ENT



Food is most common field of projects in my classes (hey, we're France!). See nice Techcrunch summary of possible ideas



Innovation and entrepreneurship driven by pure “market forces”? S. Johnson illustrates it may not be the rule



Is Entrepreneurship Just About the Exit?: well balanced opinion by @vwadhwa



It all comes down to dealings of people+money according to "What's wrong with European venture capital?" via @Telegraph



One of various perverse forms of "performativity": Greed Isn't Good: Wealth Could Make People Unethical | Wired



The difference between Greed and Entrepreneurship ... and it's coming from an oldertimer Republican





OB rules




Gee, it looks that best predictor of long life is of "organizational behavior" nature (and it is not social network)



Nice NYT compilation of tidbits about what Science has offers to explain everyday life








Being an expert often about taking a different view of the problem: good example about Brain and Chess in



Comprehensive piece by Kahneman about confidence, subtly touching on leadership Don’t Blink! The Hazards of Confidence



I'm always liked building$$$$ metaphors, maybe more than others can take ;-) So I rejoice at Brooks' nice ode to metaphors



Mind reading might not be so far-fetched after all... Scientists use brain imaging to reveal the movies in our mind:



NYT takes a OB view on "Why are you more likely to survive a heart attack at one hospital over another?""



Power Corrupts, apparently in various manners, including cognitive ones



Rationality might have evolved to win arguments, not to find truth; hence flawed reasoning might be adaptative! :-)



Recognizing the effort involved in cognitive labor sheds light on the merits of training: Basketball and Jazz @Wired



ScientificAmerican interview on the "meaning of dreams". Interesting how Freudian perspective not even mentioned





Psychopathology is functional (2): autism, psycho



Individual performance unfortunately often socially constrained by "Normality": The Hidden Potential of Autistic Kids



Nuance of behaviors in the Emotional range: Autistics don't adjust their behavior to protect their reputations



What are the bounds of reason? Just Manic Enough: Seeking Perfect Entrepreneurs -








Bad publicity has been exploited by PR-types, politicians, and bad boys. Now in ecommerce with blessing of Google?



Can Entrepreneurs be Made? Entrepreneur turned academic Wadwah chips in, always worth reading



More massive computation opportunity/risk for society: "New “e-discovery” software can analyze millions of documents"



There's hope ;-) it only takes a few bad guys and a good NYT article to alter Google algorithm in a few days





Social network



Field Agent for iPhone pays you to do chores: technology now allows incredible depth and breadth of outsourcing



New mechanisms for social network effects pop up every week: Why Friends Matter at Work and in Life



Social Networks here and there (but beware causality): Rich folks tend to have diverse social networks -



Social networks tools ever more powerful/scary? Shows Your LinkedIn Network At The Sites You Visit





Social Psychology



Actors from Stanford Prison Experiment (aka Zimbardo's) reflect on it 40 years later



Life is tough as everything - everything - requires diplomacy : Do-Gooders Are Unpopular Team Members



The Drive to Be Different explains much, including coffee consumption !?



Jeremy Lin, Mitt Romney, and the Advantage of Good Looks : The New Yorker



Nice dotted line between "intelligence" (whatever it means ;-) and Pygmalion effects Intelligence and Other Stereotypes








Exceptional performance is a popular subject, always a good excuse to explore human behavior: Wired on "grit"



Nefarious effects of superstars and inequality pile in. Fashion or awakening?  (see also Gladwell and Groysberg)



Check deep report to debunk the belief that "stars"-including GE's alumni-are portable: Inside Pfizer's Palace Coup








Everything you wanted to know about positive psychology, flow, etc.: A New Gauge Helps to See What’s Beyond Happiness



Happiness vs. tax evasion ;-) What Will Make Facebook’s Eduardo Saverin Happier: U.S. Citizenship or $67 Million?



There's More to Life Than Being Happy





Money (2)



Probably simplistic, but at least we got a number: $75,000 Is the "Perfect Salary for Happiness"



From heaven, H. Hughes will be interested: Could money make one more isolated and bad at reading emotions?



Role of money in entrepreneurship at best very ambiguous-Preferred Style: Don’t Flaunt It in Silicon Valley





Network (2)



Math riddles not my cup of tea anymore, but Strogatz's "my friends have more friends than me" should be known





Evolutionary Psychology



Mixing rapid prototyping, production and unconstrained design? 3-D Printing Spurs a Manufacturing Revolution



Biology and cognitions mingle in a crazy yet (possibly) serious way: How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy



Psychology increasingly considered through an ecological lens (i.e. variety is good ;-) The Science of Success



An old soviet farm, some crazy scientists & nice foxes: best story on genetic roots of social behavior: Taming the Wild








Big Brother



Hilarious and philosophical: Facebook "A Dream Come True For The CIA” (The Onion Video)



So far, Big Brother is acting at the most primitive level ;-) Shows You Where The Ladies Are At



Crazy how privacy is disappearing by the minute: How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did





Marital Metaphor



Enjoy marital metaphor to org. life? Unclear that generosity and advanced reciprocity rule? The Generous Marriage



Everything you wanted to know about future evolutions in the marital market. Long but fascinating piece @ The Atlantic








Bourdieu described educational system intended on social reproduction. It's getting worse!: Meet the New Super People



One more founders' story turned sour, but at least firm survived: Paul Allen Writes of Plots and Slights at Microsoft



B-schools contribute to "The Rise of the New Global Elite", so get acquainted with “The Winner-Take-Most Economy”



The Economic History of the Last 2,000 Years in 1 Little Graph: western world weatlh in great perspective!





Workforce is useless



America Has Hit “Peak Jobs”



AI potential for productivity (by eliminating jobs) is baffling-The End of Insight: Will Computers Replace Scientists?



Commodification of workforce (ie crowdsourcing) creeping up : Coffee and Power Site Aims to Get Jobs Done, Bit by Bit: